Solestage Consignment Portal
Centralizing a Consignment Store's Operations

Solestage is a shoe consignment store headquartered in LA. They sell and consign high end street wear such as Supreme, Jordans, Yeezys, etc.

Solestage contacted us to help revamp and centralize their operations. They wanted to be able to keep in sync all their stock both in stores and with their online stores including Ebay. Previously Solestage was keeping track of orders and stock manually with spreadsheets. Having no tech team at the time, we spearheaded the product development, design, and engineering based on their needs. We developed a complex backend storage system for them that keeps their whole stock in sync, allowing for items to be sold directly in stores and online.

For this specific project, we built their website, so their consigners (sellers) can easily notify the physical stores that their products are ready to be listed.

The portal is a seller portal where the consigner can manage all of their inventory, including updating price + quantity.

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