Project Background

Agent Insights CRM

New Tool for an Existing Business
UI + UX Design, Full Stack Engineering

About the Project

The Agent Insight CRM was a way for ReferralExchange's partner agents to keep track of their clients, a CRM for Real Estate Agents. On top of this, there was an admin portal where the brokerages could keep tabs on the performance of agents.

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Project Execution

We worked with ReferralExchange to design the UI + UX of the app. The app was a mobile first web app, which we eventually put into an app on both iOS + Android, utilizing a webview in React Native. We made the interactions buttery smooth so the app felt very much like a native mobile app, even though it was a wrapper around a webview.

That technical decision was made in order to support an iOS app + an Android app + a mobile first website with just a small team of 3 of us. Most of the users interacted with the website first, and then downloaded the app later. In order to keep the codebase maintainable, we decided to just utilize the webview.

From a technical perspective, our frontend was built with ReactJS, and the backend was built in Ruby on Rails. We deployed the app through EC2 with a load balancer, and connected to the existing DB on AWS.

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