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Located in Berkeley, CA, we specialize in launching amazing software experiences in just 1 month. We partner with companies to design, engineer, and launch new software projects.

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UI / UX Design

We work with companies, founders, customers & potential customers to figure out what features need to go into an app, and then work relentlessly to make the UI look gorgeous, and the experience feel amazing.

Frontend Engineering

We build the frontend to make sure it's smooth & responsive. Whether it's a website, or an app, we make sure the user feels delight, joy, and a sense that the app is helping them in every interaction.

Backend Engineering

Every app needs a robust & scalable backend to make sure the data is secure, and the data is delivered to the frontend at lightning speed. Cloud infrastructure, databases, deployments, we do it all.

Launch Strategy

A product isn't ready to launch without a solid launch strategy. We help work with companies & founders to figure out how you get your first users. We help you figure out where your users hang out and how to reach them.

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Bart Decrem

Founder of Tap Tap Revenge & Former VP @ Disney

Berkeley smarts + YCombinator speed & scrappy! Patrick doesn’t sleep, never stops thinking about how to make strategic impact, and moves faster than anyone I’ve ever worked with. Especially for early stage startups, with Patrick you’re getting a development partner.

Zach Graumann

CEO of & former Campaign Manager for Andrew Yang

They don’t just always build exactly what you say word for word (unless you specify that!) — they use executive and creative judgement to make the product better as they build and test. For example… an engineer said to me… “I know you all requested this element to take up the whole page, but it actually limited another important function, so I shrunk it and it still looks great.” They were real partners and not just worker bees.

Eli Ross


I’ve worked with Patrick for many years, and he consistently builds high-quality products from scratch. He has an extraordinary ability to communicate full-stack, from business to product to engineering. If you need to ship quickly and want an all-star partner, look to Q5.

Arnold Pham

Founder & CEO of Lunyr

Q5 has superstar engineers with the ability to solve any problem you throw at them. They're a founders dream come true. I was always pleased seeing the rapid progress every update and the continuous improvements we didn't even ask for. Their some of the best developers I've ever worked with.