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The Crypto Lobby
Andrew Yang & Lobby3
UI + UX Design, Full Stack Engineering, NFT's, Go To Market

About the Project

Lobby3 is a crypto lobbying org, spearheaded by Andrew Yang. We launched an NFT which was purchased by crypto enthusiasts to help fund issue based advocacy for crypto and web3 in DC.

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Project Execution

We helped Lobby3 design an innovative token system which allowed users to upload their own photos into the NFT token itself. The avatar was then placed on a commemorative mural dubbed "The Lawn", all dynamically. As more people minted, more avatars would fill out the lawn.

From a technical perspective, we built the backend in Django which was deployed on AWS. Our frontend was Next.js which was deployed on Vercel. We also had an image manipulation script which was deployed to AWS Lambda. The NFT consisted of metadata on AWS as well as a complex token creation system where we let users customize their own avatars.

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