Project Background


The DAO for Meebits Holders
UI + UX Design, Full Stack Engineering

About the Project

MeebitsDAO was born out of a single ambition: to create a vehicle for funding innovative projects that will develop the ecosystem around Meebits.

180 Meebits holders each contributed 1 ETH to the DAO in order for the DAO to further Meebits initiatives.

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Project Execution

We built the entire web presence for the MeebitsDAO. We worked with the DAO to come up with a design that was in line with Meebits, but also made functional for the web. We helped them setup their DAO on Gnosis Safe, launch their Founder NFT, as well as their General Member NFT. We built out their first original NFT collection, Meekicks, and their ERC-20 Governance token MBBT. Lastly, we helped them launch Pixel Meebits -- a pixelized version of Meebits which can be used on WORLDWIDE WEBB.

From a technical perspective, the frontend is built on Next.js, the backend is built in Node, and their entire suite of tokens is on the Ethereum blockchain and Polygon L2.

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