Project Background


A CryptoArt Documentary
UI + UX, Full Stack Engineering, NFT

About the Project

"I'M NEW HERE" is a feature film about the emerging Cryptoart movement by award-winning director, Dan Sickles.

Starring the largest cast of web3 innovators assembled on film, "I'M NEW HERE" will take audiences on an exhilarating ride down the rabbit hole of this burgeoning new world.

WE'RE NEW HERE is a 10k NFT collection created to support the "I'M NEW HERE" film budget as well as provide access to exceptionally-curated events, both irl and metaversally.

Each WE'RE NEW HERE NFT avatar trait is inspired by the iconic cast of our film and celebrates the brilliant, disruptive, and highest-profile creators shaping web3.

Project Image

Project Execution

We helped NewHere launch their entire digital presence. We worked with them to develop an 8bit style which fit the theme of the film, while also maintaining professionalism. We worked with their team to match the style of the website to their artist NFT's, and helped them launch multiple NFT drops including their main drop WE'RE NEW HERE.

From a technical perspective, we built their frontend in Next.js and is hosted on Vercel. Their multiple NFT drops were utilizing both ERC-721A as well as ERC-1155 token standards.

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