Building a Gateway to Scientific Discussions

Research Hub is a platform that promotes and encourages scientific discussion centering around different research papers. The idea is to allow a centralized location for researchers, students, and enthusiasts a way to have discussions about different research papers in any way they see fit.

Research Hub came to us looking to build their platform from scratch, with only an idea and a mockup. Together with the Research Hub team we helped with product development and planning out the product with some timelines for key features and releases. After the initial planning and product development, we were able to dive deep into turning Research Hub from an idea into a working product. With constant communication with the Research Hub team and adjusting features and designs along the way, we were able to release a first version in one month and allow select users to test out all the features. With user feedback and a roadmap for additional features we have since revamped the website to accomodate for better UX and UI.

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